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UAE 10-Year Blue Residence Visa: Everything You Need to Know

In a major move towards environmental sustainability, the UAE has introduced a 10-year Blue Residence visa for individuals making exceptional contributions to environmental protection. This initiative, announced by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, aims to attract and support global environmental leaders.

What is the UAE 10-Year Blue Visa?

The UAE has unveiled the Blue Residency, a 10-year visa dedicated to environmental champions.

This visa is designed for individuals who have shown outstanding dedication to environmental protection, promoting sustainability both within and beyond the UAE.

This move aligns with the UAE’s commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable practices, especially during its year of sustainability (2023-2024).

Who is Eligible?

The Blue Visa is open to those who have made significant contributions in various environmental fields, including marine life, land-based ecosystems, air quality, sustainability technologies, and the circular economy.



How to Apply for the UAE Blue Visa?

Eligible individuals can apply for the Blue Visa through the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security (ICP). Relevant authorities may also nominate candidates.

The Blue Visa provides long-term residency in the UAE, collaboration opportunities on environmental projects, access to funding and resources, and recognition for their environmental contributions.

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Why is it Important?

Dr. Sultan Al Jaber, Cop28 President and Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology, emphasized the significance of the Blue Visa:

"The blue residency visa aims to attract global environmental leaders to contribute to the UAE's sustainable economic and social development. It underscores the nation's dedication to leveraging advanced technologies and artificial intelligence to create impactful solutions. With a forward-thinking approach, these solutions will address climate challenges and transform them into opportunities for a brighter future for humanity and our planet."

Dr. Al Jaber also noted that the Blue Visa builds on the legacy of the Cop28 conference held in Dubai last year, reinforcing the UAE's commitment to international cooperation and climate change solutions.

Attracting Global Environmental Innovators with the Blue Visa

The Blue Residency is part of the UAE’s strategy to attract skilled individuals from around the world. Dr. Amna Al Shamsi, Minister of Climate Change and Environment, stated:

"The Blue Residency will have a major role in attracting talents in the field including innovators, and climate champions from all over the world, who will contribute to the advancement of the UAE’s work in fostering a sustainable future for all."

Other Types of Visas in the UAE

  • Residency Visa for Private Sector Workers: A two-year visa sponsored by an employer.
  • Golden Visa: A 10-year visa for property investors, entrepreneurs, highly talented individuals, and other categories.
  • Green Visa: A five-year visa for those with their own businesses or freelancers without an employer sponsor.
  • Remote Working Visa: Introduced in 2021, for remote workers to reside in the UAE.
  • Golden Visa for Students: A five-year visa for high-achieving high-school students, extendable based on the length of their course.
  • Tourist Visa: A 60-day visit visa for tourists.
  • Multi-Entry Visa: A five-year visa for tourists, allowing up to 90 consecutive days in the UAE, requiring a bank balance of $4,000.
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