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The calculator below can help you calculate how much you earn per week, month, or year in the UAE.

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Tax Breakdown

Federal tax


Income and Taxation in the UAE

There are no taxes on personal income in the UAE. Besides that, there is no sales tax in the country for the majority of goods and services.

The UAE does impose some taxes that you should be aware of. Because of this, the UAE does not levy any individual income taxes.

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How is the calculation done?

This calculation takes into account the following factors:
1. Gross Salary
2. Social Security
Social security contributions in the UAE are only applicable to UAE and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nationals.

Social security contribution rates

For UAE national employees: 17.5% of gross remuneration

For other GCC nationals: As per domestic regulations

For expats from other countries: Nil

+ Do expats pay tax in the UAE?

UAE does not levy any personal or capital tax. It's true for UAE citizens as well as expats. Since there is no special tax treatment for expats in the UAE, they are treated like citizens when it comes to personal or capital income tax.

+ Are you liable for income tax while living in the UAE?

While the UAE exempts expats from paying income tax, you may still hold a tax liability in your home country.

+ What taxes do you pay in the UAE?

Individuals in the UAE are not subject to income tax. Oil companies and foreign banks, however, must pay corporate taxes. Specific goods that are harmful to human health or the environment are subject to excise tax. The majority of goods and services are subject to value-added tax.

+ What is the minimum salary in Dubai?

The minimum salary in Dubai ranges between 900 AED to 1300 AED.


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