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Minimum Salary for Filipino Maid In Dubai in 2024

Many people from other countries may consider moving to the UAE as domestic workers due to the better wage. Some believe they can save more money if they work abroad and can send money back home to their loved ones. By having patience and determination, along with a great deal of luck, you will eventually find an employer who will be good to you, as well as protect your rights. In spite of that, there are others thrown into unfortunate situations. It is, therefore, essential that you learn more about what this risk entails before you take it. As a domestic worker, you should find out about the monthly salary and compensation packages in Dubai. Due to the fact that a fixed minimum wage salary is not in force in this country, the monthly salary is crucial.

What is the average salary of a housemaid in Dubai?

What kind of money can you earn working in the UAE as a housemaid? This estimate was provided by Rise, a start-up firm based in Dubai that offers financial services to low-income migrants. In this study, employers and housemaids were surveyed, over 1,000 employers and housemaids were interviewed. Their data indicates that over 200,000 housemaids are hired through nanny hiring groups on Facebook.

What factors affect the salaries of housemaids in the UAE?

Researchers at Rise came up with a list of factors affecting the salaries of housemaids in the country as part of the study. According to the information provided by the participants, these are the data collected. Housemaid salaries can increase based on positions (plus AED 400), cooking ability (plus AED 125), caring for pets (plus AED 185), and taking care of newborns or toddlers (plus AED 125).

Housemaids can earn more money based on their experience. An experienced housemaid might be able to earn up to 1,492 AED if she has more than 3 years of experience. Over five years of experience, she can earn as much as AED 1,922.

If she works in a particular location, her salary may be higher. The income in Old Dubai is up to AED 1,700. For Downtown Dubai, it is AED 2,140, and for Palm Jumeirah, it is AED 2,350.

About 750,000 housemaids work in the UAE, and they look after about 95 percent of the nation's children.

In order to become a nanny, employers require the following skills: cooking (60%), pet care (40%), driving (10%), references (60%), and first aid (20%).

Employers typically provide their employees with Wi-Fi access, food allowances, toiletries, travel allowances, and other benefits.

Here in the UAE, the salary of a housemaid is determined by many factors. Starting out, you can expect a lesser amount than the average. You shouldn't be saddened by this, though. With more experience and training, you can increase your salary.

Before committing to anything, it is wise to take note of your contract and read through it carefully. After all, two years is not a short period of time. You will also be adjusting to a new environment, so if you have relatives who could benefit from this article, don't forget to share it with them so that they can benefit as well.

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