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UAE Public Holidays 2024

Here's the complete list of UAE Public Holidays in 2024: Plan your work and vacations wisely in the Emirates.

Public Holidays in UAE 2024

Date Day No. of Days Holiday
1 January 2024 Monday 1 New Year's Day
8 April 2024 Monday 3 Eid Al Fitr
15 June 2024 Saturday 1 Arafat Day
16 June 2024 Sunday 3 Eid Al Adha
8 July 2024 Monday 1 Islamic New Year
15 September 2024 Sunday 1 The Prophet's Birthday
1 December 2024 Sunday 1 Commemoration Day
2 December 2024 Monday 2 UAE National Day

Please Note: Note: Muslim festival dates are based on local sightings of the moon phases, and the above dates are approximations. Therefore, the actual dates of these holidays may vary, and we cannot guarantee their absolute accuracy. Furthermore, the indicated number of holiday days is expected for the private sector and may be subject to change.

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