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Highest Paid Jobs in Dubai 2024

In a short period of time, Dubai has become a major tourist destination and a hub of major corporations that attract a large number of ambitious individuals for relocation. It goes without saying that securing a suitable residence is essential before signing up as a working individual abroad.

Moreover, Dubai is a great city to work in that only adds valuable experience to your career, but suits your skill set and strengthens you financially.

List of top 5 highest paying jobs in Dubai for 2024

With that said, you will find below the list of highest paying jobs in Dubai. This will help you recognize the potential industries that offer lucrative jobs and opportunities to match your expectations. However, the jobs listed are not in the ranking order.

1. Project engineer

Average salary - $33,200 (AED 121,900)

Project Engineer with a background in any engineering discipline is responsible for supervising. The role is not limited to coordinating work teams, approving budgets, and design or manufacturing decisions for major construction. You will be expected to be solution ready and be equipped to handle all facets of project requirements.

A recognized degree and remarkable experience, good interpersonal skills, and leadership qualities are of utmost importance for this job. For expats, it should not come as a surprise that employers will look into salaries and taxes from your prior job and its location.

2. Engineer

Mechanical Engineer Average salary- $21.600 (AED 79,300)

Electrical Engineer Average salary</b >- $23,100 (AED 85,000)

Civil Engineer Average salary - $24,000 (AED 88,000)

As Dubai is known for its high rise buildings and infrastructure, engineers are open to several career growth opportunities in the city. A Bachelor's degree with some experience is a pre-requisite, but engineers looking for long term stability financially and personally in Dubai must possess an impressive work profile with the Master's degree.

The best engineering disciplines for career opportunities and work permit in Dubai are mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and civil engineering. These are some of the top highest paying jobs in Dubai.

3. Business development manager

Average salary - $50,500 (AED 185,400)

Business Development Manager is responsible for maintaining the company relationships, improving the existing ones, and coming up with strategies for client acquisition. They lead the marketing and sales teams.

The skill set must be such that language doesn't become a barrier for persuasion and negotiation. They must gain knowledge about the industry and study the market to form new relationships and direct the team.

While the Bachelor's degree in marketing or business is enough for some companies, others require the Master's degree holders with some experience.

4. Accountant

Average salary - $16,600 (AED 60,900)

The businesses in Dubai are expanding exponentially. Thus, it requires a skilled professional to manage finances and ensure proper budgeting for the company. Problem solving, critical thinking, quick and thorough analysis are expected of a good accountant.

An ideal accountant must be mathematics savvy, and be experienced to handle multiple spreadsheets and databases for quick reference.

5. Operations Manager

Average salary - $57,400 (AED 210,800)

Most of the highest paying jobs in Dubai come with responsibility and require seasoned candidates in that particular field. Operations Manager looks after the manufacturing operations, workflow, oversee staffing, and department budgets.

The key highlights of their job role are aiming at profits for the company and ensure that everything is going smoothly for peak productivity.

Final thoughts

As Dubai has made its mark in terms of employment, tourism, and development in the last decade, working in Dubai can be a defining moment. The growth opportunities and skill, savvy experience in your career only make sense if you have the right list of highest paying jobs in Dubai.

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