Average Salary for a Occupational Therapist in Dubai/UAE


AED 22,950 /mo
Average base pay in 2023

How much can an Indian Occupational Therapist make in Dubai/UAE?

Housing, transportation, and other benefits all affect the average monthly pay. Salary for occupational therapist varies greatly depending on experience, abilities, gender, and region.

How can you get highest paying Job Opportunities as a Occupational Therapist?

The highest paying opportunities in Occupational therapy can be availed by being a UAE healthcare. Candidates which fulfill pfrofessional certification criteria and have post-qualification experience gain highest salaries. Occupational therapists can also work with special needs children in schools to attain high salary structure.

Requirements for Indians

  • 1. Valid Passport & Visa
  • 2. Birth Certicate
  • 3. Passport Photos
  • 4. Experience Certificate
  • 5. Master/Diploma in Occupational Therapy

Qualifications needed to get a Occupational Therapist job in Dubai/UAE?

  • Master/Diploma in Occupational Therapy

Five highest paying Companies/Institutions.

  • 1. Client of Medicine Middle East
  • 2. High Hopes Pediatric Therapy
  • 3. Amania Healthcare
  • 4. Emirates Advanced Rehab
  • 5. Pioneer Med- Service LLC.

Where to get Occupational Therapist Jobs in Dubai/UAE?

You can check latest job listings at websites, job portals, physical listings etc.
Occupational Therapist Jobs in Dubai/UAE

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