Average Salary for a Bsc Nursing in Dubai/UAE


AED 11,565 /mo
Average base pay in 2023

How much can an Indian Bsc Nursing make in Dubai/UAE?

The salary depends on the job location, experience, education and the post on which employed.

How can you get highest paying Job Opportunities as a Bsc Nursing?

In the feild of nursing the highest paying opportunities are in management level positions in Hospitals like Nursing Director, Nursing Co-ordinator etc. Also brances like Neo-natal medicine, Respiratory Managers, Occupational health provide highest paying opportunities. obs in Abu Dhabi and Dubai attract the highest salaries.

Requirements for Indians

  • 1. Valid Passport & Visa
  • 2. Birth Certicate
  • 3. Passport Photos
  • 4. Experience Certificate
  • 5. Character Certificate from previous Employer
  • 6. Additional Requirements as required by Employer
  • 7. Practice license (Nsg Registration)
  • 8 GSC (Good standing certificate)

Qualifications needed to get a Bsc Nursing job in Dubai/UAE?

  • 1. Bachelors in Nursing is required. Masters Degree holder get better positions and salaries
  • 2. Most organisations require prior experience of 1-2 years
  • 3. Pass the Medical Administration Test, if required

Five highest paying Companies/Institutions.

  • 1. American Hospital Dubai
  • 2. Dubai Health Authority
  • 3. Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi
  • 4. Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • 5. Well Care Health.

Where to get Bsc Nursing Jobs in Dubai/UAE?

You can check latest job listings at websites, job portals, physical listings etc.
Bsc Nursing Jobs in Dubai/UAE

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