Average Salary for a Fire And Safety Officer in Dubai/UAE


AED 5,130 /mo
Average base pay in 2023

How much can an Indian Fire And Safety Officer make in Dubai/UAE?

The salary depends on the job location, experience, education and the post on which employed. Housing costs account for roughly 20% of monthly compensation, transportation costs account for 8%, and other expenses account for 11%.

How can you get highest paying Job Opportunities as a Fire And Safety Officer?

If the candidate apply the position for safety supervisor through companies that provide safety services to other organizations, the candidate can land up for good and trusted opoortunities. These companies have the lincense to provide the services. Membership of IIRSM and IRCA can help get high salary.

Requirements for Indians

  • 1. Valid Passport & Visa
  • 2. Birth Certicate
  • 3. Passport Photos
  • with other valid documents
  • 4. A copy of bachelors degree or diploma certificate (mechanical enginerring)
  • 5. Work Experience
  • 6. Nebosh certified

Qualifications needed to get a Fire And Safety Officer job in Dubai/UAE?

  • Either bachelors degree and either a diploma in mechanical engineering or safety engineering
  • Need to have membership of IIRSM and IRCA

Five highest paying Companies/Institutions.

  • 1. Marroitt Hotels Resort
  • 2. Oxford school, dubai
  • 3. Safe Max Fire and Safety llc
  • 4. Associated Industries Insurance
  • 5. NAFFCO

Where to get Fire And Safety Officer Jobs in Dubai/UAE?

You can check latest job listings at websites, job portals, physical listings etc.
Fire And Safety Officer Jobs in Dubai/UAE

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