Airline Baggage Handler Salary in Dubai/UAE

How much does an Airline Baggage Handler make in Dubai, United Arab Emirates?

The average salary for Airline Baggage Handler is AED 6,750 per month in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


AED 6,750 /mo
Average base pay in 2024

How much can an Indian Airline Baggage Handler make in Dubai/UAE?

Airline Baggage Handlers in Dubai/UAE can earn competitive salaries, influenced by factors such as experience, the airline's size, and the specific responsibilities associated with handling baggage.

How can you get highest paying Job Opportunities as a Airline Baggage Handler?

To secure the highest paying job opportunities as an Airline Baggage Handler in Dubai/UAE, focus on gaining relevant experience in baggage handling operations, obtaining certifications in airport ground operations, and showcasing efficiency, attention to detail, and adherence to safety protocols. Networking within the aviation industry and demonstrating a strong work ethic are also valuable for career advancement.

Requirements for Indians

  • 1. Valid passport
  • 2. Employment visa sponsored by a reputable airline or ground handling company
  • 3. Certifications in airport ground operations or baggage handling
  • 4. Educational certificates in aviation or a related field
  • 5. No-objection certificate (NOC) from the previous employer (if applicable)
  • 6. Medical fitness certificate
  • 7. Security clearance from relevant authorities.

Qualifications needed to get a Airline Baggage Handler job in Dubai/UAE?

  • 1. Hands-on experience in baggage handling operations
  • 2. Certifications in airport ground operations or baggage handling
  • 3. Educational background in aviation or a related field
  • 4. Physical fitness and the ability to lift heavy objects
  • 5. Attention to detail and efficiency in handling baggage
  • 6. Knowledge of safety protocols and procedures
  • 7. Effective communication and teamwork skills
  • 8. Continuous training and staying updated on industry best practices.

Five highest paying Companies/Institutions.

  • 1. Dnata Airport Services
  • 2. Transguard Group
  • 3. Alpha Flight Group
  • 4.Dulsco Dubai

Where to get Airline Baggage Handler Jobs in Dubai/UAE?

You can check latest job listings at websites, job portals, physical listings etc.
Airline Baggage Handler Jobs in Dubai/UAE

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